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The fascination of sports betting – reasons for the great popularity

The fascination of sports betting – reasons for the great popularity

Sports betting has been around for centuries. Due to internet and social media, they have gained in popularity in recent years. Sports betting on the Internet has become an industry that generates billions of euros in revenue.

There are many reasons why sports betting is so popular. Early French, Italian, English and Irish settlers brought a betting culture that focused primarily on maps, horse racing, boxing and sporting challenges. After centuries in traditional bookkeepers, it was time for 1996: the very first Internet sports bet was accepted by a bookkeeper. Web-based betting has overwhelmed the world from then on.

Here are some of the reasons for the growing popularity of sports betting.

Sports betting on credit line

Prepaid sports betting is by far the most sports betting on the internet. These sports betting expect players to deposit money before they can bet. Betting on credit is unusual on the web. These types of sports betting allow players to bet with a line of credit without having to deposit money in advance. Players are responsible if they lose the bet to fulfill their obligation.

Being able to place a bet on a specific game without having to deposit money makes the bet even more enjoyable. This additional comfort is an important contribution to increasing the popularity of sports betting, but at the same time it is a zone in which many bookmakers are in an unfortunate situation. They should be avoided by people who have had gambling problems or many unpaid bets.

The bonusaes

Bonuses are an essential part of online sports betting and are not offered by the traditional sports betting betting agencies. Pretty much every sportsbook online gives welcome bonuses. Many offer additional rewards and generous VIP programs that offer more benefits.


These are risk free bets that have to be won before a player can get the money. Most betting sites have free bets amounting to a few euros. These extra bonuses are especially important for new bettors who want to earn money online. The VIP programs and rewards are becoming standard in online poker rooms and gaming clubs, and their visitors love it. The sites may even have a points system where players can buy prizes, or the vendor may grant exceptional rewards to individual players.

Certainty that you will be paid

Betting in the local bookkeeper works for certain people. However, the risks associated with the use of bookkeeper are not generally justified, despite all the difficulties involved. Unless you are betting with someone who is extremely reliable, you will not have confirmation that you are not just making bets with a cheater.

Variety of betting markets

The world of internet betting offers almost limitless betting markets and thus betting on just about every sporting event on the planet. Players will not discover this diversity offline.

Online sports betting is the obvious choice in terms of sports betting. The comfort and the extensive offers make it an easy decision for bettors who do not want to confine themselves locally. Prerequisite is only a reliable Internet connection.

The pioneer sport for modern bets

One of the biggest and certainly most important sports for modern sports betting is football. It’s a big, internationally acclaimed sport with a very large following, perhaps the biggest fan base of all sports. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are so many offers for football bets on great terms and often with high bonuses. Nevertheless, it can be quite difficult, especially for beginners, to succeed in such a powerful and often unpredictable sport as football. More tipps about sport betting for the German market can find in


Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular and there are countless sports that you can place bets on. You can place bets on almost any popular sport you can imagine. Even bets on eSports are possible today with many providers. Of course, the variety of offers will vary between different sports, depending on their popularity. The largest and longest established sports betting sports are football, horse racing, American football and ice hockey.

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