£1,000 Monthly Slot Club Bonus at Bet365
2016-09-04 12:37:22

The generous Bet365 Slots Club is keeping on rewarding the regular players this September and October. With a great gift bonus of up to £1,000, this competitive offer is a really great way to enhance your experience and win some fantastic prizes in addition.

In order to get enrolled, all you have to do is Opt In and begin collecting the dedicated Bet365 Comp Points. Earning them is simple- you get 3 points for each £10 you roll over on any Slot at the platform. And once you collect more than 50 points on at least 10 separate days you will qualify for the generous bonus at the end of the month. The more Comp Points you get- the greater your bonus will be, so waste no more time and get active today!

Visit the amazing platform of Bet365 to feel the generous customer service with this loyalty bonus and get rewarded for your valuable time spent at the playground.

Please stay aware that this attractive Bet365 casino bonus is subject to the platform’s standard terms and conditions, so make sure to check all the relevant details before claiming the offer and getting involved.