Exclusive Blackjack Bingo at Tipico
2016-09-16 21:34:33

Tipico is glad to introduce its new Live Casino Bonus, available exclusively on the dedicated Blackjack tables at the platform. Play Blackjack at the portal and get the most of your luck to win the special 1000€ Live Casino Bonus Jackpot only until the 15th of September.

In order to qualify for this exclusive Tipico Casino bonus, all you need to do is play Blackjack at the platform and in case you hit 21 with 7 or more cards, the generous boost of 1000€ will be instantly yours. In addition, if the Blackjack Jackpot hasn’t been hit the previous week, your bonus will be increased with 500€ on top.

And that is not all the good news. If you don’t manage to hit Tipico’s exclusive Blackjack Jackpot with all the 7 cards, the platform will still reward you kindly. Strike the lucky 21 with 6 cards and grab half the prize of the Jackpot, while 5 cards will bring you 25% of the reward’s value.

This attractive Tipico offer is a great way to maximize your regular gaming and bring you some additional rewards on top, so hurry up and get involved on time.

Please stay informed that this exclusive Tipico Casino bonus comes with some specific rules and is subject to the platform’s general terms and conditions, so make sure to check all the relevant details around the offer before claiming it and getting enrolled.

Visit the amazing Tipico platform and have yourselves some great online casino sessions with their live table games and this attractive bonus scheme.


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