Tipico Sportsbetting Combi Bonus
2017-12-01 15:28:53

Tipico is one of the most competitive online gambling platforms and the rich experience at the platform starts from the very beginning with the generous welcome sportsbooking bonus. And apart from the standard offer, the players at Tipico can make use of the attractive Combi sportsbooking bonus and enhance their progress even further.

This special Tipico offer gives you up to 25% bonus on top of your winnings, according to the combination bet placed. In order to qualify for this exciting sportsbetting promotion, just place a combination bet of at least five Combi bets and grab your boosts accordingly:

Combination of 5-9 bets- 5% bonus;

Combination of 10-14 bets- 10% bonus;

Combination of 15-19 bets- 15% bonus;

Combination of 20-24 bets- 20% bonus;

Combination of 25 or more bets- 25% bonus.

Visit Tipico and have a great online betting experience with the rich selection of events and the special sportsbetting offers available at any given moment.

Please stay aware that this Tipico sportsbooking bonus comes with the platform’s general terms and conditions, so make sure to visit the official page and check the full details before getting enrolled.