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January Winners

It’s time for us to announce the first winners of our tipster competition

It was a great month for Bettinginfos! We are thankful to all of our participants and we are glad to share the big reward of EUR 200 with all of the winners. This month all of our tipsters in top 10 managed to finish with a positive balance which means that they not only managed to help you but also to get our great rewards. We hope that they will continue their journey at Bettinginfos and hopefully they will increase their rate even more by making the income much higher! And now please applause for our best tipster ”’drysalka” with profits of 1,082 followed by ”okeiski” with EUR1,015. The third place was given to one of the riskiest tipsters in our competition who didn’t dare to place a huge bets on incredible big odds even over 4.00 ”zhinfuncvn” manage to over to competition with the great prize of  EUR949 . We hope that this tipsters will continue to amaze us with their great bettings predictions, tips and advice! Good luck in the next month guys! 


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