Terms & Conditions

The bettinginfos Tipster competitions is a meeting point for the best tipster on the net. But it is also a fantastic source of information for all sport bettors to get always the best information for their betting picks.

1. To take part on the Tipster competition is totally free!

2. You must register a Tipster account and submit a valid Email address.

3. The user can run only one Tipster account. Multiply accounts lead to an immediately termination of the affected Tipster accounts!

4. Writing a betting pick review is optional.

5. Submitting betting picks after the event has already started will be cancelled and voted as PDNQ (PICK DOES NOT QUALIFY).

6. You can publish a maximum of 3 betting picks inclusive review per calendar day! You can publish only one tip for each event.

7. In case an event has been postponed it will be settled as CANC and your stake will be returned to your account balance.

8. Result Settlement – all Betting picks will be settled automatically by our system (and if needed by the Admin Team).

9. Tipsters must publish at least 10 betting tips in the respective period in order to qualify for any of the monthly prizes.

In the event of violating the rules a user will face penalties:

1. PDNQ (PICK DOES NOT QUALIFY) betting review has been cancelled because of not complying with the Bettinginfos Tipster rules. Additionally the user will get 150 minus points for each event on his account balance for the current period.

2. If a user has more than 6 picks in one period, which are rejected by the Admin and are shown as PDNQ, the user will be excluded from the current competition period automatically.

3. Violating this regulation more than 3 times leads to users account termination.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us!